UX-Talks.com is a personal project that started as my final project to be presented on my Master's degree in Digital Strategic Design. As a designer working in the digital field of web design, e-commerce and branding for more than 10 years, I wanted to share some of the knowledge, experiences and tricks that I've learned throughout the years, with some of my fellow students, friends and other colleague designers, who haven't had much experience firsthand or sometimes have a hard time finding valuable information in Spanish.
The initial idea for my project consisted in writing a short guide-book, in Spanish promoting the use of the 5 step methodology to tackle UX projects, the second phase of the project consist of a 2 day workshop in where, the students get to experience hands on the use of the 5 step methodology to solve a UX problem. The estimated date for the workshop is early February 2016.
Visit the workshop promo landing page UX-Talks.com
Client: UX-Talks.com
Date: 2015 - 2016
Service: UX-UI, Branding, Web Design, Editorial Design

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