Working for close to 10 years for, I had the opportunity to maintain the overall brand look and feel, 
as well as the web store, improving the UX, for current sections of the site and for all new product launches.
Product photoreal visualisation renderings, UI and icon designillustrationslanding pagesseasonal assets 
for promotional campaigns, emails, social media, and affiliate promotional banners, co-branded white label websites 
collaborations with other brands, tradeshow graphics, event collateral, original art and illustrations for branded and unbranded licences
just to name a few of the things that I had the pleasure to be involved in this fun ride with the family.
On their website, you can see the latest iteration of the website structure and product offering sections, that I've worked on before leaving the company.
For more information visit 
Date: 2006 - 2015
Service: UX-UI, Branding, Web Design, Editorial Design, 3D rendering, Illustrattion

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