Puzzle Zoo Toys
The toy curators at Puzzle Zoo were selling online with a Yahoo Store for over a decade. While the multiple brick-n-mortar stores gained revenue and a loyal, local following their online presence diminished and aged poorly. After talking to multiple Magento solution partners, Puzzle Zoo contacted Rocket Web in the summer of 2013 with a request to transform their online presence to a toy and collector online destination that would engage customers and create a fun shopping experience.
Working for Rocketweb.com, I was responsible for the online rebrand, the web store UI design and all illustrations, as well as the initial set of promotional sliders.
Visit the live site here. http://www.toyzoo.com/
The newly redesigned Toyzoo.com was the winner of the most transformed Magento site of 2013 on the Magento Awards.
Client: Puzzlezoo.com
Date: 2013-2014
Services: Branding, UX-UI, Illustration

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