For over 10 years I've been designing logos, for all kinds of reasons. First of all, because I'm a logo junky,
ever since I was a kid I was always fascinated with all the brands in the supermarket, hand lettering, typography 
or any kind of logo mark to be found on my surroundings.
After completing my formal education in graphic design, I started doing logos more as a hobby than a job, 
I'm always passionate and thrilled about designing a logo, always looking for the right reason to redesign,
restructure, realign, or just entirely create a new conceptual sketch or idea for a new logo.
logosforsale.net started as a personal project in where I could showcase, promote and sell my passion for logo designing. 
At the beginning, I had the idea of running parallel sites one in Spanish and one in English to serve two demographics. 
Now the logosforsale.net project includes a logo design book to showcase a collection of my logo work 
and that way I can keep a hard copy for future reference.
For more info visit the live site at logosforsale.net 
Client: logosforsale.net
Date: 2006-2016
Service: Branding, Web Design, Logo Design, UX, UI, Icon design

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